The World Health Organization states 25% of the world's population develop brain disorders 

People are wearing Silver Ribbons worldwide!

Silver Ribbon fundraiser activities and the motivations behind them. 

The U.S. Postal Service has received more than 100,000 letters supporting a Silver Ribbon stamp!

Over 222,000 Silver Ribbons have been purchased and distributed through NARSAD Artworks
A voice for all those with brain disorders and disabilities is heard in Washington through the American Brain Coalition  

Support the STAMP Initiative!

Members of Congress, Loretta Sanchez and Elton Gallegly, promote the Silver Ribbon Brain Disorders and Disabilities Awareness Forever First Class Postage Stamp in their letter to colleagues.  Be sure to write your own letter (see Visitor Voice)!



Worldwide, hundreds of millions of individuals and their families
are impacted by the consequences of brain disorders and related

The Silver Ribbon Coalition represents the combined interests of all
those who are affected by a brain disorder or disability.  To date,
the Coalition is represented by advocates for and individuals with
a wide variety of brain disorders and disabilities.  Please contact us if your brain disorder of interest is not listed.

The Silver Ribbon Campaign for the Brain promotes public awareness
of the need for emotional, social, governmental, and research support
of these individuals.  Increasing public awareness will decrease stigma
and increase support to result in improved treatment and eventual
cures for those affected.

Read more about the history of the Stamp Initiative and past efforts here.

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